The Pink House: A look inside our 2021 holiday home

This scenic location of the owner’s new property rekindled the joys of childhood summers spent in Maine. However, this idyllic location lacked one thing: a house.

Located one hundred miles away, they purchased a 200-year-old Victorian home and began the process of moving it, piece by piece, to their dream location.

A Minimalist Space that Celebrates Everyday Living

The kitchen of the Calistri’s Massachusets home was dark and dated, and they wanted to create an inviting space where they could comfortably entertain friends and family. Their vision for the new kitchen and breakfast nook was a bright, contemporary, intentionally inspired space molded around their minimalist aesthetic.

Camels and Outposts: Historical Antecedents of our Pencil Post Bed

It’s hard to imagine our Pencil Post bed folding down the size of a large suitcase. But the solid wood design was inspired by the early modular English Field Bed, built to support a canvas mattress and canopy of mesh netting to keep out mosquitos. However, if we dig even further into antiquity, we find the roots of our four-poster bed go even deeper.

A Christmas Story

Mr. Ferguson had second thoughts about hiding the Blanket Box in the basement. Of course, that wasn’t until he was lugging the solid cherry box up the stairs at three in the morning on Christmas Eve.

Furniture that fits

Shopping for furniture has never been easier. Whether you prefer to shop online or in one of our showrooms, we want to make sure you select a piece of furniture that’s a perfect fit. To help, we’ve compiled a list of important considerations for choosing the right furniture for your space.

A Cozy and Curated Coastal Farmhouse

The Ferguson’s found their four acres of heaven in Yarmouth, Maine. Resplendent with towering pines and verdant landscapes, they worked with local interior design firm Nicola’s Home to create a three-bedroom contemporary coastal farmhouse that offered first-floor living with plenty of room to entertain and spaces that captured both their personalities.   

The Perfect Pairing

To complement the bold and approachable space, the art-driven boutique hotel reached out to Thos. Moser to craft a custom dining chair to create a comfortable refuge for locals and travelers alike that exuded a warm and welcoming space.

Unwrapping Innovation

Dr. Heibert said, “I want a wheel made entirely of native oak, in the old-world style. No plywood, just oak to age in dignity. Of course, it needs to be perfectly balanced to drive a wooden set of gears and power a generator. Can you do it?”

The Anticlastic Curve

In 2014, aboard a ferry from Portland, Maine, Tom and Mary Moser headed 185 nautical miles northeast to Nova Scotia. But it wasn’t the scenery that caught Tom Moser’s eye; it was the simple cafeteria chair he was sitting in.

How to Clean Your Hardwood Furniture

Care and cleaning for your wooden furniture is not a one-size-fits-all solution. To clean up the confusion, we sat down with Marc LaBonte, head of our furniture maintenance and installation department, and asked him the best way to care for and maintain our hardwood furniture.

The Mower that Moved Us

In a field along Cobb’s Hill Road, across from the old vestry that served as Thos. Moser’s first showroom rests a rusted 1800’s sickle bar mower.

Building Big Tables: A Union of Traditional Woodworking and Modern Technology

The most significant projects are born through collaboration and a willingness to push the limits. This is how we have crafted tables that span more than thirty-six feet long. Read how we have blended the art of handcrafted furniture with modern technology to create these one-of-a-kind tables.

Design Spotlight with Jennifer Magdol

Located within San Francisco’s Golden Gate Heights neighborhood, this 1949 single-family home derives its inspiration from coastal forests and the Pacific Ocean.

Crafted for a Life at Sea

For us, every delivery is special, but some are truly memorable— such was the case when we delivered a custom pair of Harpswell Chairs and Wing Ottoman and were invited aboard the charismatic skipper’s yacht. 

A Thos. Moser Coloring Book

This coloring book is meant to bring the family together around the table or snuggled in by the fire with a cup of cocoa to share stories and that child-like wonder that makes it the most wonderful time of year.

Building a Family Tradition

There is a piece of furniture within the Moser catalog that immediately stands out for each of us. It invokes a familiar feeling of comfort, childhood memories and feels like it was specifically designed just for us. This is precisely how a member of our customer care team felt when they walked through the lobby doors at Thos. Moser and saw the child’s size Continuous Arm Rocker.

More Than a Signature

It was upon closer inspection customer David M. discovered that his chair had a unique marking.

The Omni Clock

Our latest accessory, the Omni Clock, is a nod to those traditional forms we first set out to create- rooted in functional utility and a celebration of the material. Inspired by Shaker designs, the clock features clean lines sculpted from solid North American cherry or walnut.  

Designing an Open-Concept Space Inspired by Moser Furniture

When a couple wanted to downsize they sold everything except their Moser furniture. We sat down with their designer, Marcye Philbrook, and asked her how she artfully designed and integrated elements of their existing Moser pieces to create a contemporary home.

The Island Stool

The Island Stool is a contemporary nod to the past, drawing inspiration from an old Shaker utility stool found in Tom and Mary Moser’s first home in Maine, a 200-year-old farmhouse in New Gloucester.

A Lifetime Collection

“My first purchase from Thos. Moser was a 1986 catalog. I remember sending my $4.00 and spending a lot of time looking through the pages. The catalog was beautiful, and it reflected the company’s attention to craftsmanship,” Linda said. “I still have every catalog I’ve ever received.”

A Squeak of Reassurance

When customers Karen and Steve were expecting their first child, they treated themselves to a Moser rocker. But when a subtle squeak sounded with each rock, Karen called Moser customer service. She never expected who would come to her door and inspect her squeaky rocker.

The Heart of the Household

The table joined the family in 2008. “It was a time when my husband wasn’t traveling a lot for work. We had dinner there every night as a family, and it was special. We lingered longer, laughed harder, and the experience amplified the table’s meaning. It really was part of the family,” says Vivienne.

The Artist’s Choice

“We didn’t want to purchase something that wouldn’t last – and we didn’t want to compromise on a style we didn’t like.” After pondering their research, the two artists returned to the craftsmen whose work they already knew well and selected two High Stools.

Wood Moves: Crafting Receptive Designs

Building with solid wood takes patience and a deep appreciation of its mercurial nature to create a result that will last a lifetime. Each wood species has its own unique personality, growth pattern, and tendencies to react to the elements in different ways.

The Unity Table

The Unity Table design echoes themes seen in mid-century modern design, where it derives its form through its elegant dedication to purpose. We have embraced these tenets and created a table that demonstrates our admiration for the strength and beauty inherent in furniture hand-crafted from solid wood.

Great-Grandpa Joe’s Bookshelf

There is a reason we call these pieces heirlooms- they’re the keepers of our family’s history. While the design of Joseph Moser’s bookshelf may be simple, it’s a physical symbol that represents the continuity and love of four generations of the Moser family.

An enduring symbol of family and craft

For Tom Moser, the American flag evokes a uniquely personal feeling and sense of connection, and at the end of the day, it holds a more profound, unified meaning of family and craft.

Tom Moser’s American Flag

As humans, creation and the capacity to create are in our DNA. These creations spark joy within oneself and have the ability to unify the human spirit. For Tom Moser, the spark that led him to craft his artistic rendition of the American Flag came from a photograph of a wooden flag and a gentle nudge from a friend.

Inside the Thos. Moser Workshop

The Thos. Moser workshop is a playground to the makers who call it home. Every piece of our furniture starts its journey in this 80,000 square foot facility in Auburn, Maine. Join us for a peek inside.

A Styled Approach to Mixing Wood Species

What’s the best way to incorporate multiple wood species into the same room? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best ways to blend various wood species into your space.

A Place to Retire: English Charm meets California Coastal

There is an intertwining of cool blues and warm wooden tones throughout the house, a nod to the ocean and Maine woods. Large windows allow the landscape to filter inward to create a welcoming oasis that allows them to take a deep breath and watch the worries of the world drift away.

4 Expert Tips for Picking the Right Upholstery

Upholstered furniture offers a personalized and unique spin on our hand-crafted wood furniture. With so many options available, we’ve come up with four expert tips to help you choose the right one.

The Studio Collection

Our new Studio Collection is nothing short of a study in our design philosophies of clean, simple lines, discreet integration, and utilization of traditional joinery.

The Mark of a Modern-Day Heirloom

Form, shape, and patterns are the intrinsic characteristics of solid wood furniture. With no two pieces of wood exactly alike, every piece of furniture has its own unique identity. These nuances, crafted by nature and finished by hand, create furniture destined to be a one-of-a-kind, modern-day heirloom.

Ash: the right wood in all the right places

With its straight grain and exceptional strength, ash has long been a staple in the legs of chairs, rockers, and benches throughout our collections. Balancing its strength, ash is also remarkably resilient– providing just the right “give” to make a spindle Thos. Moser chairback every bit as comfortable as it is beautiful.

A Celebration of the American Forest

Since the beginning, Thos. Moser has considered the materials we work as the essential element to success in furniture making. As woodworkers, our materials are inseparable from the environment. In this respect, we have released a special live-edge edition of the Eastward Bench to further express the gratitude we feel towards our materials

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Dining Chair

There’s a science to comfortable sitting, and the truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all for dining seating. We’ve put together a list of five things to consider when looking for seating at your dining room table.

Joinery: Beauty and Durability in Equal Parts

Exceptional joinery is a celebration of craftsmanship that we expose whenever possible. Properly formed, it works on every level and leaves nothing to hide.

The Beauty in Board Matching

Board matching is the subtle art of selecting rough-hewn slabs of wood to match wood grain and color, making the difference between a nice piece of furniture and an exquisite piece of furniture.

Selecting the Right Table for Any Space

At Thos. Moser, we believe a table should be the center of the home, office, or conference room. We’ve put together a list of important considerations and a seating equation to help find the perfect table to match your style and space.

Choosing a Bed at Thos. Moser

Who are we without a good night’s rest? Our guide for selecting the Thos. Moser bed of your dreams will have you resting easy in no time.

Resimercial Design

Resimercial design blurs the lines of work and home by incorporating flexible spaces that double as a meeting space, a comfortable place for a quiet brainstorm or coffee break with colleagues that evoke a sense of comfort and shape how we view the modern workplace.