An oil painting of a rocky island in Maine with pine trees and a blue pastel sky.

Art of Penobscot Bay


From July 1, 2023- January 31, 2024, our Freeport showroom and art gallery will display the work of over 60 artists featured in Carl and David Little’s book, Art of Penobscot Bay.

A painting using egg tempra paint of a coastal village with a sailboat and houses. The context is skewed to offer a unique overhead perspective of the scene.
Cover Artist: Amy Peters Wood, August
A woodblock carving of an island with pine trees. The view is looking over water towards the island.
Siri Beckman, Island AP
A summery green and yellow meadow gives way to two tall pine trees in the distant left. Beyond that is the ocean.
Joseph Keiffer, Perfect Summer Day
a pastel colored painting of island off in the distance.
Matthew Russ, East Penobscot Bay 2


Our Freeport showroom and art gallery is currently showcasing the works of artists featured in the soon-to-be-released book, Art of Penobscot Bay. In their book, authors and brothers Carl and David Little delve into the allure and vastness of this renowned body of water, showcasing the creations of over 100 talented artists. The book explores an impressive timeline from esteemed painters like Fitz Henry Lane, Marsden Hartley, and John Marin to contemporary artists such as Siri Beckman, Eric Hopkins, Connie Hayes, William Irvine, and Colin Page. This new book will serve as an essential visual exploration of Maine’s beloved region and a popular vacation destination.



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A painting of the moon rising over hills and creating a reflection on the water. there is a field of rocks and some tall grass in the foreground.
Sarah Faragher, Harvest Moon, Sandy Point Beach
a painting of a parade in vibrant colors. In the parade there are people, dogs, cats, horses, and colorful characters. A row of buildings lines the street and beyond there is a pine forest.
Howard Fussiner, Parade for Robery McCloskey
looking from the water towards an industrial complex.
Bjorn Runquist, Morning at Lermond Cove
painting of a working warf. There are several buildings behind a dock with lobster bouys, netting and lobster traps.
Stefan Pastuhov, Gene Brown’s Warf






abstract art of fisherman gloves and nets on a dock with oyster shells
William Irvine, Fisherman’s Table
a watercolor and graphite painting of two sailboats.
Abe Goodale, Setting Calm
painting of a rocky coast and ocean with two islands off in the distance
David Little, Landing Beach
a painting of a horizon with dark forest and blue clouds
Adele Ursone, Reflection



                                  Featuring works by

Joshua Adam

Susan Parish Adam

Leslie Anderson

Janice Anthony

Linda Bail

Krisanne Baker

Nancy Morgan Barnes

Siri Beckman

Andre Benoit

Phoebe Bly

Louise Bourne

Tom Curry

Galen Davis

David Dewey

David Estey

Gifford Ewing

Sarah Faragher

Anina P. Fuller

Howard Fussiner

Abe Goodale

Connie Hayes

Eric Hopkins

Jill Hoy

William Irvine

Joseph Keiffer

James Kucheman

Seaver Leslie

David Little

Jeff Loxterkamp

Susan Matthews

Diana Roper McDowell

Sam Minot

John Neville

Jim Nickelson

Irene Hardwicke Olivieri

Colin Page

Stefan Pastuhov

Alison Rector

Alec Eames Richardson

Bjorn Runquist

Marguerite Robichaux

Matthew Russ

Lisa Ryan

David Sears


Anneli Skaar

Douglas Smith

Judy Taylor

Emily Leonard Trenholm

Alexandra Tyng

Adele Ursone

Susan B. Webster

Michael Weymouth

Susan Tobey White

Susan Williams

Amy Peters Wood