The Island Stool


Every new design draws inspiration from some unique historical antecedents.We are committed to simplicity in form and achieve grace through proportion and ornamentation from the furniture’s exposed architecture and the richness of the raw materials. Such is evident in the case of our new Island Stool 

Reminiscent of a Familiar Form

Island stool detail with inspo sketch as center image

The Island Stool is a contemporary nod to the past, drawing inspiration from an old Shaker utility stool found in Tom and Mary Moser’s first home in Maine, a 200-year-old farmhouse in New Gloucester. The Shaker stool was used as an occasional seat at the kitchen counter or near a standing desk and may have come with the house as David and Andy Moser recalls. With rounded legs reminiscent of those found in our Ellipse tables, the old stool’s seat had blue and white Shaker Tape, woven around a post rail in a checkered pattern. This style was very popular in the United States during the 18th century. 

stool inspo and walnut and cherry island stool in studio setting

Woven of Shaker tape, the original stool in the Moser’s home displayed the Shaker’s favor of practical design and material- using what was on hand. Our Island Stool holds true to our love of crafting in wood with a hand-sculpted, solid wood seat. Each board is thoughtfully hand-selected and matched to display the concentric circles of the tree’s growth rings and creates an outline reminiscent of Maine islands.

Top down of cherry and walnut island stool seat

Made in hand-finished North American Cherry or Walnut, the Island Stool rises from the floor on four gently tapered legs. With rounded stretchers for resting your feet, this stool provides an upscale, contemporary look that works well in modern and traditional kitchen settings. The steam-bent apron calls attention to the hand-sculpted seat.


rail and seat detail of island stool

The Perfect Island Stowaway


Designed with ever-evolving respect for the wood, the Island Stool is a celebration of time-honored craftsmanship. Offering the smallest footprint in our collection of stools, the Island Stool is the perfect complement to small living spaces, kitchen islands, standing desks, and kitchen counters where space is at a premium. 


walnut stools a gold and green bar

Creating a timeless design happens when one pays homage to the past. It embodies a familiar shape and style that rekindles a memory. The clean lines, gentle curves, and sublime craftsmanship of the Island Stool make it a design that is undeniably Moser and made just for you. 


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