The Patina of Time

a Contemporary home that honors New England Craftsmanship


A living room that looks out over rolling hills and mountains. There are two Fahmida Lounge Chair and Ottomans to the left, a hartford coffee table and cream sofa to the right. There is a blue rug and artwork hanging on the wall to the left.


Brandon and Jason’s story began in 2013 when they both attended Boston College. After finishing their advanced degrees, they decided to make the Back Bay area their home. Life was going well for them until the pandemic hit, and they found themselves confined to their small Boston apartment. As the months wore on, they yearned for more space and a change of scenery. 


They had always dreamed of a vacation home in Vermont. But as life took on a new normal for everyone in 2020, they agreed it was time to flip their plans and entertain the idea of their primary home being in Vermont, retaining their Boston apartment for work and weekend getaways. Situated on 7 1/2 acres of rolling pastoral meadows and deciduous forests overlooking Mt. Mansfield, Brandon and Jason knew they had found the ideal location for their first home.   

A kitchen with an island and two island stools in walnut. iN the background are two people working in the kitchen. On the right there is a detail image of the top of the island stool


“The fact that we get to have these functional pieces of art in our home with which we can engage daily is important to us.”




“The house is situated on such a beautiful parcel of land, but the interior wasn’t our style,” says Jason. After the closing, they hired Amber Hodgins Design to transform the space. After nine months of renovations, the country-styled home became the sleek and modern interior with a nod to the Vermont country setting they had dreamed of owning. 


They wanted their first home together to be adorned with functional and beautiful pieces that told a story. The furniture from Thos. Moser matched their aesthetic and embodied their values in sustainability while also celebrating New England craftsmanship. Jason would pass by the Boston showroom every morning on his way to work. Every time, the furniture inside sparked his curiosity about the brand. “When we started thinking about furnishing the house, we went into the store and started picking out things we liked,” says Jason.


A dining room with walnut pacific chairs and a walnut unity dining table are in the center of the room. Above the table is a white globe light fixture, there are three decorative plates that are hanging on the wall.Shown: Unity Table, Pacific Arm Chair, Pacific Side Chair


“We placed our furniture order before we even closed on the house,” says Brandon. “I remember bringing walnut samples with us when we selected our hardwood flooring to ensure it matched the furniture. We knew we wanted to build our environment around these pieces. The great thing about the furniture we selected is that they are so distinct and timeless that they go with anything,” Jason adds. 


The home features neutral and muted tones with minimalist touches and maple flooring, allowing their Thos. Moser furniture to be the focal point of each room. Brandon notes, “We wanted a high-art house but didn’t want it to feel like a gallery or museum. We want people to be comfortable and at ease in our home. That’s why the furniture, even though it is art and visually stunning, has an inviting quality with which you want to interact. The craftsmanship of the furniture effortlessly blends with our contemporary art collection. ” 


Pacific Arm Chair in walnut and a Unity table in walnut are in a dining room. There is a sideboard with sculptures that sit below a mirror.

Shown: Unity Table and Pacific Chair


When they entertain guests, they always receive comments on the furniture. Many don’t realize that Thos. Moser makes modern and contemporary furniture, which they thought was primarily traditional. “It speaks to the product line; it lends itself to various styles and interiors,” says Jason. 










“We knew we wanted to build our environment around these pieces, and the great thing about the pieces we selected is that they are so distinct and timeless they go with anything.”

The Edo bed in walnut. To the left is a detail of the side table. The image to the right shows the bed in a room with windows that look out over the Green Mountains and rolling fields.

They love every piece, but one of their favorite pieces is the Unity dining table. “I remember sitting at the dining table in the showroom,” Jason says, “and putting my arms on the table and feeling how smooth the curvature of the edge was. It felt like my arms were being hugged by wood, and I love the idea of sitting at this table every day for the rest of my life.” “We want to protect the table, but we can’t bring ourselves to cover it up with a tablecloth,” adds Brandon. As Jason remarks, “We say it’s the patina of time. That wouldn’t be possible without having experiences and making memories at the table. The scratches used to bother us, but now, seeing them is oddly comforting.”


An open concept kitchen and dining room with the unity table and pacific chairs int he foreground. In the kitchen there are island stools around a live edge kitchen island. A mirror and artwork decorates the wall behind the table and chairs.


Jason and Brandon’s story is one of passion, artistry, and creating a home that reflects their style and aligns with their values and aspirations. Thos. Moser furniture became a significant part of their journey, enriching their lives and inspiring them to embrace the beauty and craftsmanship of American-made furniture. 

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