About Custom Orders

When we began making furniture at the local Grange Hall more than forty-five years ago in 1972, every piece was custom built by an individual, for an individual with a specific need. Today many of those custom pieces are now standard designs in our catalog and we continue to offer custom pieces upon request.

Due to the extra development involved, we require a $200 design deposit to initiate drawings of your custom piece. The deposit will be credited to your order.

We can modify the length, width, and height of our pieces—or customize drawers and shelving to meet your precise requirements. If you prefer another species of wood, we can substitute almost any American hardwood of your choice. With everything we do, custom or standard, we intend to provide you with an heirloom.

While we create many pieces of handmade custom furniture each year, every piece is unique, signed by the hand that made it is a testament to its artistry and originality.