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Designing an inspired bedroom

The prospect of redesigning a space can be overwhelming— a fresh coat of paint, a new layout, furniture, soft goods, and which pieces to keep and which to donate. We’ve taken three of our favorite bedrooms and created inspiration boards using a straightforward formula to show you how to begin creating your designer look.




A Simple inspiration formula:


I want this room to feel __________ inspired by _______ and ________ with an overall  

                                                                                          adj.                                 noun                 noun 

         _______________    style.

style keyword




Mood Board of Ellipse Bedroom

1. Ellipse Bed and Side Table  2. Ellipse Side Table



Pulling your thoughts together

Start by creating an inspiration board with a general theme for how you want the room to feel. Your favorite magazines or social platforms like Instagram or Pinterest are perfect for gathering ideas. Start by saving furniture, textiles, colors, plants, and accessories you like that help bring your vision to life.


Children’s Bedroom


I want this room to feel,     playful      inspired by   adventure    and    nature    with an overall  

                                                                                     adj.                                 noun                        noun 

       whimsical     look.

style keyword 





Childrens Bedroom mood board
1. Windward Bookcase, Children’s Continuous Arm Chair, Vault Table, Crescent Foot Stool,  2. Thos. Moser Continuous Arm Chair


A children’s bedroom should inspire big imaginations. We pulled in colors and textures that invited playtime to create the look. Soft, woven rugs and blankets in neutral earth tones complement the cherry furniture’s warmth, and a subtle sage and sand painting on the walls create a calming natural balance that ties the look together. The Child’s Continuous Arm Chair, Crescent Foot Stool, Vault Table, and Windward Bookcase are just the right size for little ones and will continue to withstand years of learning, play, and creativity. 


Thos Moser Square End Table and Sleigh Bed, both pictured in walnut

Discover your anchor


What is the one piece of furniture, wood species, or color that must be in this room? In many bedrooms, the anchor piece is, undoubtedly, the bed. In our primary suite, the animated wallpaper leads us to work with organic patterns, lavish textures, and clean, simple lines. The appearance of our Edo Platform Bed, seeming to float almost in mid-air, created an eye-catching focal point that defines the room. The rich ripples of amber running throughout the walnut headboard were a perfect and subtle match to the walls. 

Primary Suite


I want this room to feel,     curated      inspired by    travel    and     textures    with an overall  

                                                                                        adj.                                 noun                      noun 

       modern    style.

style keyword 





Edo Bedroom mood board

1. Cumberland Chair and Studio Side Table with Drawer. 2. Cumberland Chair detail  3.  Edo Platform Bed


For the primary bedroom, we wanted to play on texture and travel and showcase the small nook in the corner as a place where one could unwind in the evening with a glass of wine or sip on a morning coffee while reading the paper. The rich walnut furniture sets the stage for a modern feel. The Cumberland Chair and Studio Side Table play on the room’s textural and architectural elements with their exposed and prominent joinery. The small footprint of each piece maintains an openness that is made for relaxation. 

Guest Room


I want this room to feel,     elemental      inspired by     coastlines     and       simplicity     with an overall  

                                                                                 adj.                                       noun                           noun 

           contemporary      style.

style keyword 





3 22

1. Studio Bed and Side Table  2. Studio Bed and Studio Dresser – Vertical

Focusing on a color palette

The color palette gives the room a feeling and sets the tone. What do you want to feel in this room —peaceful, joyous, content, inspired? Choosing the right color will give the room an overall cohesive look, be it calming, energetic, or inspired. If you are going for a monochromatic look, be sure to provide the room with the full spectrum of that color by layering in various shades and textural elements like plants, artwork, or bedding to create visual intrigue. The natural finish on the walnut bed, dresser, and side table enhances the room’s calm and natural feeling. 



Vita bed in cherry. The bed in a white cottage style bedroom. there is a small black bulbous side table and a window on the right hand wall.


Whether you’re thinking of remodeling an entire bedroom or just adding a few new pieces of furniture to round out your room, remember to have fun when designing your new space. To begin building your look, cut things out of magazines, grab paint swatches at the hardware store, and search online platforms like Pinterest for inspiration. As Robert Greene said, “Creativity is a combination of discipline and child-like spirit.” Let your imagination and style preferences be your guide. Look for similarities in color, style, and design to help set the room’s tone, and when it comes time to choose your furniture, we hope you consider a handcrafted piece that will add natural beauty to your space. 


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