A Celebration of the American Forests


Since the beginning, Thos. Moser has considered the materials with which we work as the essential element to success in furniture making. As woodworkers, our materials are inseparable from the environment. In this respect, we have released a special live-edge edition of the Eastward Bench to further express the gratitude we feel towards our materials — black cherry, walnut, ash– and the inherent beauty of our rich American forests.


With timeless design rooted in functionality, the Eastward Bench has long represented the quintessential Moser aesthetic. The special edition features a single face-sawn slab of mature wood. The live-edge design retains the original aesthetic of the tree’s lines, the outer lines mirroring the inner flame-like grain of the wood. This is the beauty in the purest form of integrity, the degree to which a thing celebrates its true nature.



We have dedicated decades to assessing the nature of American Hardwoods by running our fingers along with the grain breathing in the bright and tangy scent of newly sawed boards. There simply is no substitute for the wood that comes from mature trees, and we go to great lengths to ensure access to the highest quality hardwoods, both to meet present needs and for the generations fo woodworkers to come.


Our black cherry comes from the Allegheny Plateau, an icon and sustainable source of American Hardwoods spanning some 10,000 square miles across Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and Virginia. Walking among the lush ecosystem that produces such magnificent trees, one stares up through the 70-foot canopy of mature black cherry trees and absorbs a deeper appreciation for this wood species.


The Eastward Bench

Our philosophy is choosing the best materials from sustainable sources and using them directly and with respect. Our black cherry comes from family-owned suppliers in Pennsylvania, who selectively harvest mature trees from small woodlots. In utilizing fully-grown trees, yields are maximized, forest openings pave the way for new plantings.

With our limited-edition Live-Edge Eastward Bench, we have chosen to celebrate this long-held principle. It emphasizes the natural beauty of the tree’s original contours in its live-edge seat and is crafted using a single face-sawn slap of mature cherry or walnut. Every bench is as singular as the tree that provided the lumber.


Furniture making is a union of materials, design, and craft. Since our founding, Thos. Moser has viewed the selection of our materials as the first and most elemental step in the process. Why? Because our products are not stained. We match for color and grain continuity, and this must be done very early in the process.

Our limited-edition Live-Edge Eastward Bench pays homage to the renowned furniture maker George Nakashima- a craftsman Tom Moser has long regarded as the single most powerful influence on the evolution of Thos. Moser Handmade Furniture. Nakashima believed live-edge construction brought the artist closer to his or her raw materials- ultimately allowing the tree’s voice to emerge.


Each bench is made to order. To create your truly one-of-a-kind bench we invite you to learn more about our available slabs, both in cherry and walnut, by calling our Customer Care Team at 1.800.862.1973 or email us at salesinfo@thosmoser.com.