The Heart of the Household


For the West family, the significance of Thos. Moser furniture goes far beyond simple utility. With a carefully curated collection that includes Catena Arm Chairs, Harpswell Stools, and several pieces from the American Bungalow collection, Moser furnishings are witnesses to – and key participants in – everyday family life. One piece, a long-cherished dining table, earned special distinction when Vivienne’s daughter Lucy drafted a prize-winning essay about its central role in the family’s legacy.



The table joined the family in 2008. “It was a time when my husband wasn’t traveling a lot for work. We had dinner there every night as a family, and it was special. We lingered longer, laughed harder, and the experience amplified the table’s meaning. It really was part of the family,” says Vivienne.

In 2010, when a local bookstore joined an area not-for-profit to announce an essay contest for its young customers, Lucy’s imagination went to work. In response to the contest prompt, which called for entrants to provide “A Picture of My Family Illustrated in Words,” Lucy was inspired by the idea and realized her dining table had been a first-hand witness to her family’s everyday life.

“Lucy’s story did a wonderful job of capturing the table’s significance importance. To her, it had sort of absorbed all those hours and experiences, and taken on a life of its own,” says Vivienne.

Following that introduction, well feel it’s only fitting to put Lucy in the storyteller’s seat. Here, in full, is Lucy’s tale of the journey a simple dining table took to earn family heirloom status.


…and that’s Lucy’s story. We like to think it’s the same story – with different memories and experiences – for every piece of furniture we make. And we are grateful to Lucy for sharing it with us. If you have a story about a piece of Thos. Moser furniture, share it here.



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