Like most of our customers, we are committed to sustainability. It’s a term we apply to every aspect of our business, from our work culture to the raw materials we use. That’s why we take particular care in sourcing the hardwood, leather, and fabrics used to produce our furniture.

Success at Thos. Moser begins in the forests from which we carefully harvest our wood. Our pieces are made from North American hardwoods, including predominately black cherry from the Allegany Plateau, as well as walnut from the riverbanks of Missouri. North American hardwoods are naturally renewable, which means that no planting of seeds is required, and natural regeneration follows selective harvesting. According to the U.S. Forest Service, black cherry, along with most other Appalachian hardwoods, is growing faster than it is being harvested. Less than 60 percent of net new growth is harvested annually.

We have worked long and hard to cultivate the right relationships with the mills that supply us. These vital partners understand who we are, the values we stand for in the choice and use of that precious resource, and the aspirations we hold for the beauty and the life of our furniture. Much of the black cherry used in our furniture comes from trees that were 100 to 120 years old. We are very selective about the material choices we make, and together with our partners, are ever mindful of the land, the soil and the future beyond our own.

We take pride in giving trees a second life where it can serve the needs of many – while employing techniques that ensure lifetime durability, and prevent the need for replacement. And our delivery process is just as calculated as the harvesting and building, as each piece is hand wrapped in a reusable packing blanket, thus eliminating the need for copious packing materials. Our entire process is very green indeed.

The Holy Grail of Wood