1972 chair in cherry

A Bold New Approach to the Classic Moser Aesthetic


To celebrate 50 years, we have crafted a new, limited-edition design that celebrates our craft and honors our roots. 1972 gleans the nuanced traits of the classic Moser aesthetic developed by Tom with the sculptural influences of David Moser, creating an entirely new form that feels familiar yet is a catalyst for a new era of design.



1972 seat and arm detail and craftsperson building chair

What’s in a chair?


The creative conceptualization for 1972 followed one fundamental rule; design and structure should not occupy separate realms, but the chair’s beauty should spring from the structure that supports it. Designed through David’s sculptural lens, 1972 pushes the boundaries of what is possible with solid wood and holds to the Shaker principles that have informed our earlier designs. Using only what is necessary to create a utilitarian object, stripped of ornamentation, creating a chair of this magnitude would only be possible by embracing modern technology to complete the rough form of the seat. Yet, it requires the hands and patience of a skilled craftsperson to elevate the piece into a transcendent design.



1972 in walnut and craftsperson sanding a cherry 1972 seat


1972 is a highly sculpted, solid wood lounge chair that cradles the occupant in a gently reclined position. Drawing upon classic Moser forms, 1972 includes flexible ash spindles and turned legs, offering relaxed comfort and superior support. Each spindle and front leg are securely fastened to the base of the seat and arms using our signature mortise and tenon joinery.



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Crafted from five 10-quarter blocks of solid wood, the coopered seat highlights the evolution of our design ethos and the chair’s highly sculptural nature. With eye-catching lines and sensuous curves, the generous waterfall roundover of the seat front comfortably supports the legs. At the same time, a diminutive dip at the base eases the sitter’s center of gravity back, supporting the lumbar and creating a chair that is comfortable by nature. The seat rests atop another refined Moser element, the ship’s knee. Re-engineered to support the curvature of the seat, four dynamic stack laminated knees evenly distribute weight and pressure to the legs, creating a clean aesthetic and room for a stored away foot stool.


craftsman gluing up seat and first run of seat on CNC
Jim glues up the boards creating the coopered seat.                                    The first prototype of the 1972 seat.



To celebrate this monumental design, the first 50 chairs will feature the maker’s signature and a commemorative engraved brass medallion inlaid on the bottom of the seat, numbered in the order they are sold.   



1972 medallion



Looking forward to the past


Fifty years ago, Tom Moser laid the foundation of a design philosophy we’ve been embracing, advancing, perfecting— evolving. 1972 is a union of historical and company influences stemming from a lifetime of refinement and the pursuit of continuous improvement. This year we celebrate 50 years of a design ethos and a new approach to traditional skills with a uniquely Moser chair that undeniably pushes the boundaries of what is attainable in solid wood.



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