Made for life.

We’ve built furniture for Popes and Presidents,
Libraries and Ivy League schools,
Dining rooms, lounges and offices,
Each thoughtfully conceived,
Masterfully crafted
And made for a long useful life.

Designing a chair is not
driven solely by style.

In fact, the fundamental design criterion for any chair is the size and shape of the human body. There must be roughly twenty-one inches between the arms. The seat must be about eighteen inches above the floor and depending upon the chair’s use, be canted downward at a pitch between 5 and 7 degrees. If used for dining, chair arms must fit under a standard thirty-inch table-top. And when complete, the whole object must be light enough to be easily moved.

Our Tenants

“My debt is to the craftsmen who make our furniture.
They are Thos. Moser – not me, them.”

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