We believe that all things made by hand, big or small, are equally worthy of considered design and precious resources. Our accessories are distinctive treasures that can help you add the finishing touches to any room in your home.

It’s been said that details make the difference, and we wholeheartedly agree. And while the Moser team is dedicated to the design and creation of finely conceived and crafted furniture, we occasionally pursue the opportunity to augment our curated selection of seating, tables, beds, and case goods with custom home décor that adds a final flourish to a carefully contemplated interior.

Consider our deliberately limited selection of mirrors. From the collection-inspired designs of our American Bungalow and Foreside Mirror to the simple utility of our Wall Mirror and our distinctive Hoops Mirrors, each of these creations enhances the impression of the furniture it complements.

Other unique custom home accents might easily be considered furnishings themselves – from our Beacon Box and Stacks to our infinitely useful Crescent Foot Stool. Each of these items serves a functional purpose, while rounding out the interior where it dwells.

Still other accessories cross into the realm of pure artistry. Tom’s American Flag speaks eloquently of our founder’s knowledge and appreciation of wood; its grain, its color, its density, and its natural ability to surprise and please.

We build accessories to satisfy the powers of our customers to observe, to appreciate, and to feel the deep satisfaction of experiencing something done exceptionally well – just for the sake of doing it.