Bedroom scene. A wooden bed with a curved footboard is sitting on a light colored rug. The bed has white linens and pillows. On either side of the bed are wooden cube nightstands with potted plants. To the left is a wooden coat tree. On the right is a wooden chaise lounge chair with black leather upholstery with a black and white photograph hanging on the wall. On the floor is a woven rug.


A Match Made In Cherry



Built in the 1980s, the 980 sq. foot, two-bedroom condo overlooking the sea offered a jumping-off point to explore the beauty of Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park.   

In 2014, Doug B. bought the condo to be closer to his daughter, who lived in Southwest Harbor. “The location was great, but the space needed updating,” he says. The space was divided into several small rooms. Still, Doug’s vision was to tear down the superfluous walls, remove the massive brick fireplace, and turn the dark and drab space into a light and contemporary home. After a year-long renovation, it was time to add the final touches- the furniture.  

Three images of an interior of a condo. The first is the living room with wooden furniture, sofas, chairs, and drop-leaf coffee table. There is a brick wall on the right with a wood stove. Center: A small dining area with a wooden table and four spindle chairs. There is a map of Acadia that hangs on the wall and a half wall that leads to the kitchen on the left. Right: a bedroom with two twin size beds. Each have turned posts and there is a side table in the middle of them with a small lamp. A picture of Adirondack chairs hangs on the wall. The beds have matching green and white star quilts and white pillows.

Bathed in the warmth of custom cherry cabinetry, flooring, and trim, Doug wanted the furniture to complement the newly renovated space. Being a life-long fan of contemporary design, he was drawn to the curved and sleek designs of many Thos. Moser Collections. “As the space is quite small, I wanted something light and airy with good construction. Thos. Moser offered a variety of designs, and the quality is incredible,” says Doug. A few years later and ready for warmer winters, he listed his condo for sale in 2022 with LandVest Realty.





In late winter of 2021, Elizabeth and Bruce S. began looking for a small retreat to satiate their love of sailing and the outdoors, in addition to a place where they could host small gatherings and sleepovers with their grandchildren.  

Doug’s idyllic condo overlooking the Acadian waters fit the bill. What immediately caught their eye was the furniture included in the listing. Elizabeth knew a good thing when she saw it. Her childhood home was dotted with Bertoia sculptures and Nakashima furniture. Her father was friends with George Nakashima, and her family had collected several of his pieces. “In many ways, coming to this condo and understanding the work of Thomas Moser and Nakashima’s influence on his designs, there is a beautiful spiritual connection for me. That in some way, I know my father is looking out for me, and we were meant to find this lovely space,” says Elizabeth. 

The High Stool sits in the kitchen of the home.

“Doug did an amazing job and had an incredible vision to see the condo’s potential, but it wouldn’t be the same place without the furniture. Many people ask us what we’ve done to make the space ours. The truth is, we haven’t done a thing. Minus a few pictures, the condo is the same as when Doug owned it. He was meticulous and had exquisite taste; it’s hard to improve on that,” says Elizabeth. 


Wooden sofa with curved feet and black tufted leather upholstery. A blanket is draped over the top. In the far corner is a side table with a vase of flowers. A coffee table rests in front of the sofa and a curved bench with a leather cushion is against the far wall.


After spending their first glorious summer in the new space, Elizabeth and Bruce have added a few additional pieces of Thos. Moser furniture to make it their own. To accommodate sleepovers with their grandchildren, they’ve included a custom day bed, which Elizabeth says, “is fabulous and really complements the space.” In the entryway, a cherry and black leather Fireside Bench creates a comfortable perch to slip shoes off and welcomes them back to their little slice of heaven in Acadia.



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