Design Spotlight with Jennifer Magdol

Located within San Francisco’s Golden Gate Heights neighborhood, this 1949 single-family home derives its inspiration from coastal forests and the Pacific Ocean. The homeowner, an East Coast transplant, was looking for a style that reflected Northern California’s spirit. When designing this space, the client was looking for something classic, substantial, and comfortable. For Jenny and her business and design partner, Steffie Oehm at Alter Interiors, the Cumberland chair fit the concept and the client’s needs perfectly. This handsome chair has an all-American feel with beautiful clean lines. It feels natural with the rest of the décor- a vintage mid-century lounge set, bar art from the Goldrush, the dining chairs, and a Mexican Modernist rocker all tie in to the spirit of Northern California. The homeowner travels extensively for work, so the main goal was to create a calm and natural hideaway where they could unwind—working with the location and existing décor. Jenny and Steffie loved working with their client to create a space befitting of their aesthetic. In designing, Jenny says, “A solid concept is like a thread that helps tie all the elements together, making it easier to blend styles and décor in a way that makes sense.” As their first residential project, Steffie said,” We loved the sense of place this home conveyed.”

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