Three lounge chairs with neutral or blue upholstery

Three Versatile Fabrics for Every Interior


Upholstery makes a piece of solid hardwood furniture cozy, elegant, playful, or sophisticated. But this softer side of furniture needs to be every bit as durable and pleasing to the eye as its hand-crafted wooden frame. For when the final stitch is sewn and the cushion is placed into the frame, as Tina, a member of our upholstery staff, says, “The customer’s vision is realized.” Here are three upholstery options that pass the test of durability, hand, and color selection with our furniture specialists time and time again.

Woman cutting the cushion on a seat chair
Craftswoman since 2019, Tina works on creating the seat cushion of a dining chair.



our job is to enhance the wooden frame. Each element, wood, and fabric are not mutually exclusive but are interdependent of the other to create a beautiful piece of furniture.

Tina, Craftswoman since 2019




Sophisticated and formal

Natural elements infused with grounding earth tones provide a fresh take on formal sophistication.

Wing Three Place sofa surrounded by upholstery swatches

Furniture: Wing Three Place Sofa in Walnut

Upholstery: Melange

Color: Cameo

The seating in our homes needs to withstand every occasion. It has to be comfortable enough to lounge on, liveable enough for dinner parties and playdates, and sophisticated enough to impress important guests. When looking for upholstery that is eco-friendly, resilient to daily life, and looks brilliant for years to come, we recommend wool or wool blend materials. Melange invites us to sit down and run our hands over the back of the sofa or seat of the chair. The luxurious, natural wool fibers, heathered finish, and rich organic earth tones enhance the alluring handwork of our solid wood designs. From contemporary to Mid-Century to traditional furniture, Melange will maintain its elegant shape and color for generations.

woman smiling working at a sewing machine
Craftswoman since 2018, Angela works on crafting the cover for a Vita Lounge.


“Upholstery evokes a memory of a person, place, or feeling.

It gives life to a piece of furniture.” 

-Angela, Craftswoman since 2018




cozy family spaces

Textural solids and earthy neutrals are perfect for creating an elegant and cozy space.

Upholstery swatches left side, lounge chair in pink room with ottoman

Furniture: Studio Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Upholstery: Aegean

Color: Path

When it comes to busy households, sofas, dining, and lounge chairs require upholstery that can withstand years of rigorous use. Aegean is an excellent choice for the elevating casual spaces we enjoy every day. When selecting a family-friendly option, look for cotton or synthetic blends. These forgiving blends offer durability, breathability, and a soft hand. Aegean is a cotton blend that features viscose, acrylic, and polyester. Viscose is derived from plant materials and mimics the look of silk and feels like cotton. With its high thread count and slightly raised weave, this textural solid comes in several warm and inviting color options to bring depth, comfort, and durability to your furniture. 

collage of sewing materials and furniture


“Upholstery has come a long way over the years. We are working with greener materials, new inks, exciting textures, and prints. This allows us to create a product that we can feel good about.”  

– Tina, Craftswoman since 2019




Multi-use space

Fabric that combines a soft hand and cutting-edge technology.

swivel chair with color swatches

Furniture: NYPL Branch Swivel Chair

Upholstery: Topos

Color: Coast

Dining rooms and kitchens are doubling as workspaces, and we are asking our furniture to multitask as much as we do these days. Topos checks off every box for comfort, feel, and durability. Featuring a liquid barrier backing and a soil and stain-repellent finish resistant to many commercial-grade cleaners, Topos is an excellent choice for an office or dining chair. But this durable upholstery has a softer side. As a performance chenille, Topos has an amazingly soft and luxurious feel, making it an irresistible choice for furniture you plan on spending hours working in.



“Upholstery is a powerful medium. A pattern, texture, feel, or color can change someone’s perception of a specific design.”  

-Angela,  Craftswoman since 2018




Drift Chair and ottoman in walnut with upholstery samples on sides
Drift Chair and Ottoman in Imprint. Color: Woodcut. A whimsical, all over pattern inspired by woodgrain.


The right upholstery choice comes down to your lifestyle and the aesthetic you want to create in the room. When you begin your journey of selecting upholstery, know what elements will inspire color selection, request upholstery and wood samples from the manufacturer, and work with our sales team to discuss upholstery options that may not be shown on the website or in the showroom. From bold patterns, textured solids, bouclé, and soft, plush chenille and velvets, our team will help you create a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that is in harmony with your décor.  




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