The Perfect Pairing

Perfect Pairing

The Cumberland Chair offers a welcoming and comfortable dining experience.

Nestled in the eastern foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Quirk Hotel by Hyatt takes its cue from the surrounding environs and Charlottesville’s rich cultural and natural heritage. Perhaps one of the most intriguing features is a 6000 sq. ft. rooftop space that offers views of the city and the mountains. The Pink Grouse restaurant within the hotel is infused with the local terroir. It features a bright and airy space with culinary creations showcasing local produce and wines that elevate high-altitude mountain cuisine with a refined finish.


The art-driven boutique hotel reached out to Thos to complement the bold and approachable space. Moser and devise a custom dining chair to help create a comfortable refuge for locals and travelers that exuded warmth and welcoming space.


The interior of the dining room creates a stunning juxtaposition of the surrounding historic 19th-century homes. They selected the Cumberland Chair for its clean, modern lines and craftsmanship to bridge the two styles. Choosing a bold, blue upholstery for the seat cushion gave the chair a personalized touch, which would hold up to heavy use and be cleaned easily.



The design, natural material, and creative appeal fit perfectly into the hotel’s décor, keeping the space a shade on the masculine side to match the rugged and earthy influence of the menu. The restaurant has found that the chair is truly comfortable as well as aesthetically enhancing the dining room. Most importantly, they’ve received many positive comments from their guests.


Cumberland Chair in Walnut

After a short excursion to the local wineries, taking a historical walking tour of the city, or enjoying live music in the park, the hotel and restaurant offer a caringly comfortable space that celebrates the local community, making both destinations replete with possibilities.





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