Thos. Moser Continuous Arm chair sits in a living room beside a wooden coffee table that has two white vases with glass ornaments, a book and lamp. Underneath the table there are drums and a picture hangs on the wall.

Worth the Wait



What’s something you’ve coveted for years? What about that item caught your eye and stuck with you all this time? For customer Susan B., it was the Thos. Moser Continuous Arm Chair 

In the late 1970s, Susan strolled into a small local bookshop in Austin, TX, and picked up the original edition of Tom’s book, “How to Build Shaker Furniture.” Captivated by the measured shop drawings as she leafed through its pages, she recalls becoming fascinated by woodworking and Shaker design. “I was drawn to the clean, elegant, timeless lines and quality wood used in good Shaker Furniture— especially the Continuous Arm Chair as Thos. Moser envisioned it.”  


book cover with pages showing line drawings for furniture and pages inside the book

Over the years, her interest in Shaker design and the Thos. Moser Continuous Arm Chair never waned. Continually expanding her knowledge of Shaker furniture, Susan continues to be an avid student of Shaker life and design. She and her husband have traveled to several Shaker communities throughout the United States. 


After she and her husband married, they purchased a set of Shaker-inspired chairs for their dining room, hoping one day she would be able to own the Thos. Moser Continuous Arm Chair. As time passed, they moved into a compact, mid-century home in Austin where extra space was at a premium.


A dining room table with five windsor style chairs including one thos. moser continuous arm chair in the lower right hand corner. The wall has wood paneling and a tile floor.

In 2021, Susan received a financial gift from her last living aunt, who passed away later that year at age 99. Susan remarks, “She and I shared a passion for making elegant design a part of our everyday lives. In her memory, I knew it was the perfect time to purchase a Thos. Moser Continuous Arm Chair. I ordered the chair, knowing we’d find the perfect place when it arrived. I love the silky finish on the wood, the joinery, and the comfort —all elements of good craftsmanship. Since the late 1970s, I’ve looked at many Shaker chairs. To me, the design and craftsmanship of the Thos. Moser Continuous Arm Chair is incomparable.” 

detail of a the arm on the continuous arm chair in cherry (left). To the right is the continuous arm chair in cherry set beside a shaker round stand in cherry with a orange glass paperweight on the table top. The floor has grey carpeting and there are curtains hanging behind the chair and table

The chair now provides extra seating in their living area and can be easily added to their dining table when an additional guest joins them for dinner. “Best of all,” Susan says, “it’s where we see and use it every day, adding elegance to our home.” 



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