Finding your Perfect Lounge Chair




A lounge chair is a coveted addition to any home; its allure extends beyond mere functionality; it’s irresistible promise of comfort, enticing you to relax, all while seamlessly blending into your home. Whether drawn to contemporary designs like our Drift, Fahmida, Studio, and Vita or timeless classics like the Chaise, Wing, or Lolling, selecting the right lounge chair involves carefully considering several factors, including the room’s size, the chair’s style, and the lounge chair’s ultimate purpose. Here, we will cover a few key elements to contemplate when choosing a lounge chair that will seamlessly integrate into your living space. 

A living room setting featuring the 1972 chair, studio three place sofa, Studio lounge chair, blanket box and oval coffee table all in cherry.  

Defining the Role of the Space


The first aspect to consider is the size of the space the chair will occupy. Is the room’s purpose a comfortable family room, alternate seating for the bedroom or office, or is it for a cozy corner to sit back and enjoy a book while taking in the view? While combinations of two or three-place sofas may be ideally placed with an accent lounge to round out a living room, incorporating a lounge chair into nontraditional spaces like the bedroom, office, or library transforms the room into a flexible and stylish sanctuary. A lounge chair in any room is a comfortable retreat, inviting you to unwind.


Functionality and Shape of the Lounge


Measurements are vital when adding any piece of furniture to a room, especially if you are considering a lounge chair. What is the depth of the chair when upright or in a resting position? But, more importantly, what are the dimensions of the chair when fully reclined and extended?  For example, when fully extended, our Drift Chair is 3 1/2″ longer than when in the upright position. 

a measured line drawing of the Chaise in the upright and fully reclined position.

The shape of the lounge chair plays a pivotal role in its functionality. High-backed classic-style lounge chairs like our Wing, Drift, and Lolling chairs provide a sense of privacy and excellent support for the head and neck, making them ideal for a living room setting. On the other hand, recliners like our Chaise offer flexibility and a more relaxed lounging experience. Each of our design-focused lounge chairs can act as statement centerpieces within a room, adding flair and character to the overall decor. 



A empty room with colored lines indicating where furniture should be placed. A living room with a lolling chair to the left, Wing Coffee Table in the middle and Wing Sofa to the right. The white walls have an Omni Clock hanging to the right above the sofa, a charcoal drawing above the fireplace and in the distant corner is a coat tree. All furniture is in walnut.
                                                                           Red: Lolling Chair                  Green: Wing Coffee Table                       Black: Wing Three Place Sofa                    Yellow: Omni Clock


Finding furniture that fits


Measure your room. This may sound obvious, but consider existing architectural elements impacting your space planning, such as windows, doors, radiators, and baseboards. Take pictures of the space from different angles to give you and your furniture specialist an overall perspective and style of the space. With those numbers in hand and the dimensions of your lounge furniture, it is time to take to the floor. 


Solid Floor:  Use painter’s tape in a different color for each piece you’re considering. Use the tape to outline the footprint of the piece on the floor. The inner edge of the tape should be the outermost part of the furniture’s footprint- creating some wiggle room and space for movement. Painter tape is a wonderful working palette for jotting down notes or thoughts on how a piece may need customization.  


Carpeted Floor:  Using cardboard, cut out the footprint of the furniture and lay it on the floor where you are visualizing it. Live with the cutouts on the floor for a few days and notice how they create or inhibit a comfortable flow to the room. How close are the cutouts to existing furniture or architectural elements, like stairs, windows, or doorways? If you keep stepping on or moving the cardboard, you may need a smaller design or customize the design you love.  



Bedroom scene. A wooden bed with a curved footboard is sitting on a light colored rug. The bed has white linens and pillows. On either side of the bed are wooden cube nightstands with potted plants. To the left is a wooden coat tree. On the right is a wooden chaise lounge chair with black leather upholstery with a black and white photograph hanging on the wall. On the floor is a woven rug.

Choosing the right upholstery


Upholstery makes a piece of hardwood furniture cozy, elegant, playful, or sophisticated. But this softer side of furniture needs to be just as durable and pleasing to the eye as its handmade wooden frame. The selection of upholstery is a critical decision in the lounge chair buying process. Leather upholstery adds to the penchant for timeless sophistication, while fabric upholstery can offer regal luxury with its wide selection of options that will match your style. 


Lighter-colored upholstery can be a strategic choice in smaller spaces, offering the illusion of more room. In contrast, larger spaces can accommodate the drama and presence of darker woods and colors. Coordinating furniture pieces and considering the overall shape of the room can contribute to a visually pleasing environment. 



For the love of lounge

Living room with stone wall and cream rug filled with two sofas, a table with candles, fire place and some side tables.



Consider the space, functionality, shape, upholstery, and purpose when looking for your perfect lounge chair. Whether you opt for a contemporary piece or a classic design, a well-chosen lounge chair can transform a space into a harmonious blend of art and comfort, creating a haven you’ll return to night after night. 








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