The Mark of the Maker

When the final handwork on a piece of Thos. Moser furniture is complete, it’s signed by the craftsperson who brought it to life. The signature honors the gift of the natural materials used to craft the piece and sanctifies the sensitive and disciplined eye of its designer – and the weathered hands and countless heartbeats given to its making.

Each signature is as important as Tom Moser’s first, which was inscribed on the bottom of a custom-made piece more than five decades ago. Now, just as it did then, the signature continues to represent our standard – and uphold our promise. The India ink we use for our signatures is as indelible as our commitment, remaining as clear and enduring after a lifetime of use as the piece on which it’s inscribed.

Today, we continue to craft the same way we did more than five decades ago: one craftsperson, one piece, one signature – and one unyielding promise.