The Birth of an Icon

In collaboration with The New York Public Library (NYPL), Thos. Moser designed a chair that is more than just a piece of furniture – it’s a symbol of the Library, its mission, and its vision for the future.

The Ultimate ‘Chairness’

In 1977, Thos. Moser sold its first Windsor style chair: the Thos. Moser Continuous Arm Chair. Today, this chair serves as an icon synonymous with the Moser name.

A Collector’s Approach to Downsizing

Inside a beautiful 17th floor apartment located with breathtaking views of the Schuylkill River and the City of Philadelphia, is a home rich in character.

Dovetails: A Conversation with Tim Sirois

Craftsman Tim Sirois discusses why the dovetail joint is integral to Thos. Moser design, and what it takes to master this woodworking technique.

St. Timothy’s School: Five Arts and Student Center

St. Timothy’s, an all-girls high school established in 1882 and located in Stevenson, Maryland, is embarking on its most significant modernization and building transformation project in the school’s history

Thos. Moser and St. Timothy’s School

There is nothing we love more than when residential customers share their love of Moser furniture with their institutions and businesses. St. Timothy’s Head of School Randy Stevens is one those special customers.

Harvard Business School

Over the last 45-years, we have built chairs for presidents, chairs for popes, chairs for poets, and chairs for some of the nation’s leading universities.


For our first few years in business, our primary method of advertising was word of mouth. Learn about how Thos. Moser’s customers grew organically into a community that appreciates quality and fine craft.

Telling the Tale

As Tom evolved from teacher to woodworker, he used his skills to continue to educate the next generation of craftsmen.

Books & Wood

In a library, one is inspired to levels of greater inquiry by those billions of words. Furniture for such a compelling environment should reflect that spirituality and sense of timelessness.