Faces of Craft

The people behind the scenes at Thos. Moser are what makes us tick. Below is but a small sampling of the craftsmen and others who make up our family. Our customers often want to know who is the person behind the signature on their piece or phone consultation, so hopefully, you may recognize a name or face but if not then please check back as we continue to add more.

Tom & MARY Moser

Growing up in Chicago, Tom Moser learned to work with his hands from his father, a stereotyper for the Chicago Tribune. Tom’s parents died when he was young, and at age 15 he dropped out of Northbrook High School to join the Air Force during the Korean War. While in high school, Tom met Mary Wilson, whom he married in 1957.

Aaron Moser

Drawing on nearly 30 years of professional experience, Aaron Moser heads up corporate business development for his family’s company. Employing his professional background as a chef and restaurant manager in the foodservice industry and a variety of roles in the high-end sector of the furniture industry, Aaron is uniquely qualified to lead the company’s corporate business sector.

David Moser

Working alongside his father since he was only eight years old, David Moser inherited Tom’s artistic eye for design. His influence can be seen in many of our most popular collections including Wing and Pasadena. When not crafting out of wood, David also works in clay, bronze and stone to create sculptural art.

George Colby

When George came to Thos. Moser, he was still a student in high school. Early on he knew that handcrafting was something he wanted to do. In 2002, Thos. Moser partnered with the state of Maine to create one of the first apprenticeship programs in the state for cabinet making. The program required vigorous work at a local community college and at the Moser workshop. George was one of the first students to graduate from the program, years later, it is still one of his proudest accomplishments.

Brenda Swett

Brenda Swett’s heart is in building furniture. If her 30-year tenure isn’t enough indication of that, her commitment to precision and fine detail while on the workshop floor is. In our case assembly department, she is tasked with perfectly fitting draws and crafting the fine details of pieces such as our much-admired Dr. White’s Chest.

Ramsy Uter

For Ramsy Uter, every day is a good one. His optimistic attitude and love of quality craft allow him to feel as though he never truly has a day of “work”. Ramsy specializes in Case Assembly but has been cross-functionally trained to work in many different areas including beds, tables, and finishing.

Glenn Dehetre

Glenn is one of our longest-standing employees, starting his career here at the shop in 1988. He works primarily on building case pieces and finds the Crescent Sideboard & Hutch the toughest to build, but also among his all-time favorite of what we offer.

Geoff Hindall

Before coming to Thos. Moser, Geoff worked as a prosecutor in the state of California for 15 years. When he felt it was time to pursue something new, he decided to turn his hobby of building with wood into a living. As a participant in our four-year apprenticeship program, Geoff was able to learn most every concentration in our workshop.

George Estabrook

George is often the first one through the doors in the morning; he opens up the workshop every day at 5:40 and usually is among the last people to leave the floor at the end of the day. It is his admirable work ethic and his appreciation for creating top-quality craft that allow him to excel in his role as Manufacturing Supervisor.

Rick Foss

When Rick Foss began working at Thos. Moser 33 years ago, he never imagined it would be a permanent role. More than three decades later, a job he once took on a whim has turned into an admirable career. The people he has had the opportunity to work with are his primary reason for staying. He is energized by everyone around the company and the positivity that they bring to work every day, “without that, it’s just a job,” he says.

Carol Dall Russell

For Carol, personal development and self-improvement are always ongoing. She came to Thos. Moser years ago in search of something new and different. She began her career hand sanding before moving on to upholstery where she is now the Coordinator of all upholstery projects.

Lisa Howard

Around our Auburn workshop, if you have a question about beds, Lisa is the person to go to. With more than 25 years of experience at Thos. Moser, Lisa has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to making pieces most any category from chairs to cases. Prior to joining the company, she struggled to find a job that could hold her interest. She started in our sanding department and then moved on to finishing and chairs. Today, she ambitiously completes the task of crafting beds of all sizes and styles. Her favorite is the Pencil Post Bed. “It’s been 27 years and it is still interesting to me,” she states.

Rob Emery

Rob is grateful for everything that he’s learned since joining Thos. Moser some ten years ago. He began his career here assembling chairs and now works on operating and programming all of our CNC machines. He says, “I always imagined that I would just be a worker, I never thought I would have the opportunity to learn what I have learned.”

Christine Bedard

Christine loves to refurbish old furniture and give it a second life. She looks at antique stores and yard sales to find old pieces that she can bring back to life. It was her love of this type of project that brought her to Thos. Moser.

Steve Wyman

If ever you are considering a trip up to Maine, visiting a Steve in our Freeport showroom should be added to your itinerary. Freeport is home to our flagship showroom where you can preview our largest selection of Moser designs. Over the years, Steve has built many lasting relationships with both local and visiting customers and he enjoys every experience he has interacting with showroom guests. “I love our designs and I love talking to people about our designs,” Steve explains, “it’s really interesting to be able to help a customer find a piece that fits their unique needs and the process of designing and sketching custom pieces is really exciting.”

Jim Fickett

Every piece at Thos. Moser starts with Jim and his team in the rough mill. It is there that he works meticulously matches the color, grain and other unique characteristics of the boards before they are crafted into fine furniture. “It really takes a lot more thought than people imagine, you have to plan ahead and you have to be able to visualize how the final product is going to come out using those pieces of wood,” he explains.