Stacks of pieces of furniture.
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Dave Hamel

Craftsperson, 1986

I’ve been an avid woodworker for as long as I remember. I built a cradle, highchair, and bed for my son before I came to work here, so it gives you a sense of how much time I spent in the workshop before I started at Thos. Moser.

The first job I had here was working in the rough mill. I spent two years there, learning how to select the wood for projects and prepare it for the craftspeople. Eventually, I moved on to build cases, custom projects, and make chairs. No matter what piece I’ve worked on, it’s always a pleasure to see it after it’s been oiled and finished. That’s when the completed piece really shows its beauty.

“We learn from one another here. I’m still learning, even though I’ve been here 35 years.”