Wing Sofa -Three Place

Wing Sofa -Three Place

$8,800.00 - $10,550.00

With curved arms sculpted from grain matched solid wood, the Wing Three Place Sofa marries our handcraft and hallmark aesthetics with true comfort. Tracing its lineage back to an 18th-century Queen Anne chair, the sofa brings new relevance to old forms, coaxing solid cherry into freestanding art. The Wing Three Place Sofa is the satisfying result of artfully integrating both wood and upholstery to create a piece that both complements and defines the space it occupies.

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Circa K1054/1
Circa K1054/3
Circa K1054/12
Circa K1054/13
Knoll Venue K1558/1


Riverside 0500
Riverside 1180
Riverside 1610
Riverside 2675
Riverside 3602
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It’s All In the Details

Made of hand-finished cherry or walnut, the sofa’s arms and back highlight the wood’s dense, beautiful grain – while providing ample ergonomic support.




We guarantee our workmanship and wood materials for the lifetime of the original owner.


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St. Pauls School

St. Paul's School

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