Great-Grandpa Joe’s Bookshelf

There is a reason we call these pieces heirlooms- they’re the keepers of our family’s history. While the design of Joseph Moser’s bookshelf may be simple, it’s a physical symbol that represents the continuity and love of four generations of the Moser family.

A Celebration of the American Forest

Since the beginning, Thos. Moser has considered the materials we work as the essential element to success in furniture making. As woodworkers, our materials are inseparable from the environment. In this respect, we have released a special live-edge edition of the Eastward Bench to further express the gratitude we feel towards our materials

Resimercial Design

Resimercial design blurs the lines of work and home by incorporating flexible spaces that double as a meeting space, a comfortable place for a quiet brainstorm or coffee break with colleagues that evoke a sense of comfort and shape how we view the modern workplace.