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Adam Rogers
Director of Design & Product Development

Growing up near Detroit, a respect for the process of making was inevitable. Adam was close to - and learned how to create from - his grandfather, who ran the prototype shop for Pontiac Motors. His approach to problem solving ultimately served as the foundation for Adamís design philosophy.

Adam studied architecture in college where the respect for aesthetics factored into his approach. In his design studies, the exposure to the philosophies and work of masters such as George Nakashima, Le Corbusier, and Carlo Scarpa left a lasting impression. After graduating, he worked in corporate architecture for a number of years.
While working on large scale projects, Adam came to realize the personal connection to his work that he yearned for was elusive. The commitment to his ideologies and the desire to incorporate true ideals into design became his focus. With a leap of faith, Adam left the profession of architecture to shift the scale of his design.

After earning a Masterís Degree in Furniture Design + Woodworking at RIT, Adam had solidified his commitment to the respect for craftsmanship, understanding of and reverence for wood, and had established an acute sensitivity for the role of subtlety and nuance through simplicity and detail.

Having the opportunity to work for Thos. Moser, whose ideals align closely with Adamís, the sincere and personal connection to his work became attainable and apparent in his work. The thoughtful and understated results of Adamís perspective are an example of the design sanctioned by Moser as the brand evolves to incorporate the perspectives of like-minded designers.

It is the commitment to a life of a craftsman, as his definition evolves, that motivates Adam. And while he has accepted this as a lifestyle for himself, he also intends to promote craft through education. He continues to collaborate with the Woodworking + Furniture Design program at RIT through visiting lectures + leading projects.

His role as the Director of Design + Product Development at Thos. Moser represents the greatest opportunity to contribute to the modern craft dialog.