Wing Collection

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As with every collection we make, the Wing Collection confronts an elemental truth: wood is durable because it’s hard. The craftsmen’s challenge is to find paradoxical softness – a sensation that’s both seen in finished surfaces and felt with every touch. So we sculpt the collection’s seating and backs in contours that mimic and embrace the human form, finding the enduring comfort that only wood can provide. And where cushioning can enhance both comfort and beauty, we put it to good use.

The Wing Collection engenders everything we know about wood, with curved arms sculpted from blocks of solid cherry, carved and sanded to their full expression. With arms that cascade down sides and into legs, with each element aligning in a consummate show of balance and comfort.

Achieving comfort requires hours of carving, shaping and finishing, with no room for error. Apart from table surfaces, we designed the Wing Collection without hard or flat lines. What looks comfortable is comfortable.

The visual impression is confirmed with each use – making each Wing piece a natural choice for a living space you’ll inhabit by choice, day after day, for a lifetime of satisfying use.