The Vita Collection pays tribute to master architect Mies van der Rohe – originator of the adage “less is more” – and represents the confluence of our craftsmanship with the bold, elements of modern design. Whether your taste leans more towards the traditional or the contemporary, the Vita Collection will please your senses.

Vita traces its roots to the mid-20th century when the developed world was engaged in a love affair with the art of the “new.” Simultaneously, a group of furniture craftsmen broke away from 20th-century industrialization, reaching back to the fine workmanship and hand techniques of previous centuries to realize their vision. These artisans were the forerunners of minimalism.

A generously realized collection, Vita’s unifying motif lies in its integration of curved, laminated feet and solid horizontal surfaces. Minimalism is evident in the use of fewer individual parts, employing twin arches for support. The impression is of lightness – a Shaker conceit – where materials and joinery provide maximum strength with minimal mass.

Seating in the Vita Collection incorporates tufted leather-upholstered cushions. The contrast of natural materials is striking, with curved backs providing ideal seating positions.

Striking when combined with other pieces in the collection, the Vita Collection leverages both traditional craftsmanship and contemporary vision.