ouR Customers In Their Own Words

We have enjoyed reading the wonderful cards and letters from our customers over the years. Below is a sampling of some recent comments that we have received.

Thank you to all… please keep those cards and letters coming!

“We started collecting our pieces when we married. Rather than buying each other “stuff” for birthdays or Christmas, we decided that it would be much more fun and meaningful to buy a new Moser piece that we could share together. So, we have a nice little collection going that we plan on keeping in the family.”

– Ann R. & Mike C., Ardmore, PA

“My husband surprised me with a Moser stool for my studio. I love my Moser stool and it’s my perch of joy. It feels good, looks good and fits my body like a glove.”

– Kathleen O., West Palm Beach, FL

“My husband and I bought our first piece of Moser furniture in 1981. Our children are now building their own collections of Moser furniture and occasionally persuade us to give them one of our pieces. We all like the ease with which the furniture has fit into our homes and blended with our decors. We cherish our Moser pieces because they are timeless and so easy to care for.”

– Chantal & Michael J., Alexandra, VA

“We love our new Thos. Moser living room! It adds warmth and surprise that makes it classic, yet original.”

– Gwen W., Del Mar, CA

“I don’t want to gush, but the furniture is stunning, the delivery was impeccable, it makes my beautiful house look even more beautiful, and it is heirloom quality… it will last a lifetime.”

– Gunar C., Westboro, MA

“The quality of pieces continues to amaze me. They are wonderfully designed and perfectly made. They are a continual and constant joy to both use and behold.”

– Carla W., Monroe, CT

“Every time my kids and I climb onto our Vita benches that surround my grandparents’ Mahogany table, I feel a joy in the satisfaction that we successfully matched the importance of that traditional table (in our family since the 1920s) with the functional, artistic, modern benches. They look fabulous together.”

– Jean B., New York, NY