Handmade American Furniture

Every piece of our furniture should have a work ethic — one that exudes strength, stability and is comfortable to work with over the long haul. At Thos. Moser, we achieve this by combining our masterful craftsmanship with innovative technology.

Elevated Heirlooms

The NYPL Branch Chair

$1,800 – $1,900
$2,350 – $2,475

Comfort in Craft

Find comfort in the synergy of craftsmanship and nature. Whether you live in the country, city, or somewhere in between, bring the outside in with our timeless handmade furniture. Crafted with sustainably harvested North American hardwood that celebrates the beauty of the forests and rejuvenates the home.

Four Leg Desk in Cherry

Four Leg Writing Desk

$5,850 – $8,650
$7,600 – $11,250

Element Shelf in Walnut

Element Bookshelf

$2,300 – $4,000
$3,000 – $5,200

Shop the Room – Dining.

No matter what’s on the menu, the dining table is one of the easiest places to foster human connection. It’s where we relish in the simplicity of routine, toast special milestones, and make sure everyone has a seat at the table. The compilation of these moments creates lasting memories that turn a simple object, like a table, into a vessel of meaning.

A dining room featuring Thos. Moser furniture

Every Day Art

hand planer

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