With a deep appreciation of the complex nature of wood,
we are committed to simplicity in form,
where aesthetics are predicated on function.
Each piece is an embodiment of its intended use–
nothing more, nothing less.

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Designing a chair is not
driven solely by style.

In fact, the fundamental design criterion for any chair is the size and shape of the human body. There must be roughly twenty-one inches between the arms. The seat must be about eighteen inches above the floor and depending upon the chair’s use, be canted downward at a pitch between 5 and 7 degrees. If used for dining, chair arms must fit under a standard thirty-inch table-top. And when complete, the whole object must be light enough to be easily moved.

Our Tenets

“My debt is to the craftsmen who make our furniture.
They are Thos. Moser – not me, them.”

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