Gift Certificate

Get a timeless gift that will last a lifetime. Thos. Moser Gift Certificates can be ordered in any amount and will allow that special someone to pick the perfect piece that fits them. Gift certificate can be redeemed in one of our showrooms or contact customer service by callingĀ 800.862.1973.

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Thos. Moser Gift Certificate is sent out in a hand-assembled package as shown above. The Gift Certificate itself is placed in an envelope which then is placed inside a box, along with a handful of wood shavings, making for a presentation that is every bit as unique as our furniture.

Gift certificate can be redeemed in one of our showroom or by calling customer service at 800.862.1973.

When ordering a Gift Certificate, please specify the shipping address of the recipient at checkout (if different from the person purchasing the Gift Certificate), and indicate any gift announcement you would like us to include.


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