Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

Get a timeless gift that will last a lifetime. Thos. Moser Gift Certificates can be ordered in any amount and will allow that special someone to pick the perfect piece that fits them. Gift certificate can be redeemed in one of our showrooms or contact customer service by calling 800.862.1973.

It’s All In the Details

We are committed to building furniture of truly lasting value. When you purchase a Thos. Moser piece, we enter into a lifetime of friendship and service. As the original owner of a piece of Thos. Moser, we will guarantee our workmanship and wood materials for your lifetime.



Board Feet

The approximate amount of cherry we use for building each year.

of Wood

Sourced in North America from sustainable growing partners.

Square Feet

Of state-of-the-art, scalable manufacturing space in Auburn, Maine.

St. Pauls School

St. Paul's School

Are You Looking for Something More Unique?

Thos. Moser designs and makes furniture for hospitality, corporate and educational environments with a dedication to skill and precision in craft and to form and function in design.

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