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The ornamentation in our work derives not from excess, but from the exposed architecture of the furniture, like the hierarchy created in our Windward Collection by the division of space between vertical and horizontal lines.

Limited to available wood in short lengths, Asian craftsmen became masters of geometric patterns. Resourcefulness is a fine substitute for plenty, where the constraints of the availability serve to fuel, not compromise creativity.

The geometry of the Windward sofa back demonstrates this necessity-borne innovation. The Windward Sofa employs 26 separate pieces and 42 fitted mortise-and-tenon joints. The weight-bearing bottom rails are strengthened by vertical stiles that serve as I-beams while maintaining visual continuity. The result is a beautifully functional sofa with character enough to anchor any living space.

Like the collection’s seating, Windward’s Bookcase and Huntboard make judicious use of materials. Tradition informs the design of both pieces, where function drives forms that are at once visually light and structurally substantial.

The pieces in the Windward Collection introduce a sense of substance to any living space. These furnishings anchor their surroundings and earn their place as heirloom-quality favorites that color generations of family experiences and memories.