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Of all the objectives we can pursue as furniture designers, simplicity may well be the most challenging to attain. The Element Collection honors these objectives, and introduces classic Moser principals of good design. Demonstrating a devotion to tradition, invention and quality craftsmanship – including clean simple lines, the discreet integration of functional components, traditional joinery techniques, and fine, sustainably harvested wood, each piece in this custom hardwood furniture collection embodies the principles that drive our work.

When working with the most basic elements, the design process leaves no room to hide. Every choice, from materials to joinery to finishes, must perform an essential role. And when the process is complete, each choice will be judged by how well it unified the whole.

Currently comprised of a desk/table, credenza/filing cabinet, and bookcase in two sizes, each piece embraces clean angles, employing the unexpected– as seen in the award-winning Credenza’s premium leather facing – to create a striking impression.

Element demonstrates our passion for the strength and beauty of solid hardwood, and the results that arise when the finest materials are handled with precision. The joinery of the collection exemplifies this belief, with feathered miter joints that create beautiful visual moments in a celebration of honest construction.