Crescent Collection

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Inspired by a request for a curved adaptation of our standard dresser, the Crescent Collection demonstrates the value of openness to thoughtful customer input.

This Thos. Moser furniture collection includes a tidy range of bedroom cases, side tables, and a high stool. The pursuit pressed our designers and craftspeople into a challenging territory – away from the simplicity in build versus design, and toward complex custom radius shaping.

As is so often the case, the challenge was well worth the effort. Each element in the Crescent Collection integrates sweeping features that mimic natural shapes, with drawer fronts, doors, legs and seats that follow elegant lines and demonstrate the reward of finely crafted detail.

Assembled with traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery, each piece in this custom hardwood furniture collection combines durability, utility, and grace. Subtle touches – like smooth, metal-free slides, solid brass hinges, post-and-panel construction and precise dovetailing – ensure seamless function, while delivering the satisfaction of furniture made to work, and work well.

Ideal in combination with other items in the collection, Crescent furnishings pair well with many pieces we offer to create livable, workable interiors that perform for generations.