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For the Foreside Bed, the opportunity to revisit the spindle architecture in a bedroom setting is embraced, and designed through the lens of an evolving yet thoroughly 'Moser' aesthetic. Like all new designs, the intention of Foreside is to embody and magnify all things Thos. Moser; a dedication to functionally driven objects, formal simplicity, the characteristic elimination of ornament, use and celebration of traditional materials and woodworking techniques -all with an emphasis on craftsmanship.

Both the bed and the mirror aim to embrace our craft capabilities and define 'visible joinery' in a new way with the collection's hallmark joint. Here, we employ a pinned through tenon at each end of the row of vertical spindles. The tapered diameters of the end spindle are slightly larger than the interior members and pierces the top bow. The spindle is held in place with a wood pin that is exposed on the front and back of the bow. Several of the interior spindles are pinned as well but visible only from behind.

The bow, i.e. top crest of the spindle headboard, is the product of stack laminating. Once the several layers of solid wood veneer are glued and pressed into a form that establishes the overall arch of the bow, it is shaped to the final round profile. The holes are then drilled on the CNC for accuracy.

The standard bed slats which support the mattress are made of ash, oriented on their 'sides' for improved structure. The rest of the bed will always be a single wood species. That is, if specified in white oak (as shown), the spindles and all other components of the bed will also be white oak. The same would apply for cherry, walnut, etc.

The Foreside Bed employs a new approach to the in-home installation and breakdown of the frame. Rather than our standard bed bolt assembly, he we are using embedded threaded inserts into which the bolts are connect which makes them less visually intrusive . A ratcheting wrench is provided for installation.

The design assumes a single mattress/boxspring of a thickness of 10-12" but can accommodate of range of mattress thicknesses. Available in standard Queen and King sizes. For other sizes, please contact us for a quote.
Part of the Foreside Collection. See also: Foreside Mirror, Foreside Bed
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