Major Installations

Our customers come from various backgrounds, locations and occupations, but there is one uniting truth – a deep appreciation of quality product, design, material and, ultimately, in experience. Thos. Moser Contract is the dedicated team within Thos. Moser that brings our commitment to quality, and our more than 1,000 years of collective experience in woodworking, to larger-scale projects and institutional spaces.

Thos. Moser Contract works closely with the design and architectural community; educational facilities, offices, libraries, public spaces are natural homes for our work, where rigorous use and functional beauty necessarily go hand-in-hand. At its core, Thos. Moser Contract is about partnership, collaboration and understanding of the specific needs of each client’s project. With our unique combination of skilled craftsmanship, unlimited customization abilities and complex project management capabilities, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you for any project – no matter how great or small.

If there is a place you love as much as your home, we’d love to discuss with you how to bring Thos. Moser into that space. Start exploring the possibilities.


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