At Thos. Moser, our commitment to craft extends beyond our familiar suite of residential furniture designs. From individual custom requests to planning and furnishing commercial and institutional settings, our team brings the same knowledge, skill and dedication to every endeavor. Our capabilities include:

Custom Work

Our designers and craftsmen embrace the opportunity to engage with customers, to understand their vision for a particular piece – or suite – of furniture, and to shepherd that vision to reality.

Working with Designers

The Moser team engages closely with client designers to understand design vision and project objectives, engaging in an iterative process that is complete only when the designer and their customer are satisfied.

Major Installations

Our Contract team designs and crafts furniture for hospitality, corporate, educational and public environments with a dedication to skill and precision in craft, and to form and function in design. Our team of engineers, project managers, and designers work closely with architects, interior designers and other project specifiers to bring a united vision to life. This capability expands on our residential reputation by consistently delivering large-scale Moser installations on time and on budget – with an uncompromising commitment to stakeholder objectives. Learn more at