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The level of a design’s originality often dictates the timeline of its development. As was the case with our Pasadena Collection, sheer originality prescribed a longer process, allowing iterative refinement and focus to achieve the ultimate vision.

Starting with an exploration of Pasadena’s chair form, designer David Moser envisioned handcrafted solid wood furniture that would coax movement from raw materials inertia. In the resulting Chair, Rocker and Tables that followed, the Pasadena Collection took shape as quintessentially Moser, with edges and joints that flow, and sculpted surfaces that encourage the eye to roam.

When working with wood, straight lines represent the simplest path. Logically, gentle curves require significantly greater discipline to attain symmetry. Each facet of Pasadena shows the gratifying result of the added challenge, with sculpted legs, seats and backs that suggest motion even when standing firm. The Rocker demonstrates particular grace, with a sweeping form that invites movement and provides a level of comfort that, once tried, removes any inclination to leave.

Whether selected as a collection or employed to balance a suite of more linear furnishings, Pasadena is always captivating, and always satisfying – in use and in spirit.