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The Harpswell Collection is named after Tom Moser’s longtime hometown – a seaside village known for its weather-tested mariners and its meandering coastline. Inspired by European furniture stylings, the Harpswell Chair took shape in Tom’s home workshop, evolving slowly to satisfy his vision.

This quality home furniture collection has since grown to include the Harpswell Stool and the Harpswell Chair with Back, both sharing the original Chair’s complex top rail back. The back crest is carved from a single piece of wood to reveal a grain pattern that is unique to each piece, like nature’s fingerprint.

While all Harpswell seating includes a durable, comfortable upholstered cushion, the Harpswell Chair with Back also integrates a padded seat back beneath the upper rail to further enhance comfort.

The Harpswell Collection is an elegant complement to any dining setting, providing a level of comfort and beauty likely to keep people together long after the dishes are cleared.

The Harpswell Chair makes an unforgettable impression. Twice in its history, the Chair has been selected as Papal seating – once in 2008 and again in 2015. The Chair is a signature piece in the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas.