We have always been students of simplicity, and simplicity is the very essence of Ellipse. We also appreciate the fact that furniture represents a commitment, and we take the notion of permanence very seriously. That’s why our Ellipse Collection was designed to achieve durability in both its construction and its aesthetic.

Ellipse represents a simpler interpretation of the Moser tradition, but the craftsmanship sacrifices nothing. We use steam bending for strength and durability. We rely on through-tenons to show the functional elegance of fine joinery. And the gentle ellipse form is evident throughout the collection in subtly tapered table legs, curved drawer pulls and shaped cabinet and table tops.

Ellipse finds its inspiration in the elegance of mid-century modern design. This movement evolved during the years following World War II when resources were few and Europeans were eager to rebuild their homes and their lives.

Today’s consumers are even more discerning, and practicality is prominent in their choices. With Ellipse, we’ve created quality wood furniture that demonstrates simplicity, durability, restraint in the use of raw materials and a dedication to the creation of pieces that are both exceptional and accessible.

Our Ellipse Collection is a study in simplicity, but our standards remain unchanged. When you choose Moser, you’ve earned our commitment – for a lifetime.