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In our early days, the initial shaping of seat blanks was an exercise in rough sculpture. Starting from raw wood and finishing with the intense, meticulous process of hand carving and sanding, seats required tedious effort and time. Over the years, the process has been streamlined, but the challenge of perfection remains the same: finishing requires ever-increasing levels of focus, patience and precision.

The Eastward Collection demonstrates the value of persistence – and the reward of careful craftsmanship, with solid seats that welcome the human form with comfort and elegance. From every perspective, the collection raises the bar for quality wood furniture.

Designed with unspoken acknowledgments to the Shaker tradition, Eastward Benches, Chairs and Stools employ crisp, straight horizontal lines and slender vertical legs and spindles that merge with grace and resilience. Installed under tension, each spindle is integrated into both the seat and back, allowing a subtle – but critical – level of give that lends to its comfort.