Made for style.

Interior Designer

Penelope Daborn

Creating a space for someone else is a delicate balancing act. As an interior designer, Penelope Daborn knows this. She knows that the families who look to her to make their homes beautiful aren’t just leveraging her mastery of style, layout and color. They want a space that feels like a reflection of their lives. So when she faces an empty room, the care she has taken to know her clients is just as important as the paint on the wall and the placement of fine furnishings. For Penelope and her team, home isn’t just a word. It’s a style.

Wing Chair

Shaped to cradle the sitter’s spine, the frame of the Wing Chair would be comfortable in its own right. Made of carefully hand-finished cherry or walnut, the arms and back highlight the wood’s dense, beautiful grain, while providing ample ergonomic support. The gentle curve of the legs makes welcome use of space, elevating the seat to its ideal height.

39H x 28W x 35L

Walnut $5290
Cherry $4600

“My design philosophy is rooted in context—the space itself,
and the people who live and work in it”

Table Minimus

Inspired by Shaker styles, these tables all share the same leg structure, with four slender columns that rise to integrate with a supporting skirt. Their diminutive, balanced proportions make them versatile and uniquely suited to any room in the home.

23H x 15W x 15L

Walnut $635
Cherry $550

Edo Chair

Inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, by Scandinavian and Shaker designs the Edo Dining Chair takes only what it needs to form a unified whole.

36H x 20W x 23L

Walnut $2185
Cherry $1900