Made for
new beginnings

There’s a reason why the first piece of furniture in a new house is a chair. While most things are still packed away, a chair can be a dining room table, a step stool, or a doorstop. And as our family grows, it’s where we sit while we teach our children valuable lessons about life, plan for their futures, and watch them grow up. It is the perfect place for new beginnings. For planning, dreaming, and from there, building.

Thos. Moser Continuous Arm Chair

The continuous arm in our signature chair is created using flitch-cut cherry or walnut. The process involves quartering and steaming sections of logs, then slicing them into tenth-inch thick strips. The knife cuts produce no sawdust – and thus no waste – and the board’s full strength is preserved. When the pieces are shaped and glued back together, the arm is comprised of eleven different layers, while retaining the strength and appearance of solid wood.

41H x 24W x 24L

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