Randy Stevens

There are countless spaces for learning at St. Timothy’s, a renowned all-girls school north of Baltimore. No two are alike. That’s because Head of School, Randy Stevens, recognizes that a great educational experience thrives on variety. He recognizes that a multi-sensory approach to an educational setting can promote deeper engagement and help foster a love of learning. For the students at St.Timothy’s, 200 promising young minds, the spaces where they study, where they commune and where they reflect aren’t just classrooms, they are sanctuaries that inspire.

Fahmida Chair

The Fahmida Chair celebrates contemporary design, the natural beauty of wood, and traditional joinery techniques that are a hallmark of all Thos. Moser furniture. A product of the inaugural Emerging Designer Program by Thos. Moser, in collaboration with Dwell magazine and City Modern New York, the Fahmida Chair was recognized as a 2014 Best of Year Honoree by Interior Design magazine.

32H x 26W x 32L

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We learn best when supported. We’re happiest when confident. We dare when we’re grounded in truth. We live well when we live without fear.

St. Timothy’s School

Randy in Dixon Hall.

Continuous Arm Bench

The Continuous Arm Bench is the extension of a longtime Moser standby – the Continuous Arm Chair. Designed to offer the chair’s comfort in a configuration for two, the Continuous Arm Bench features the same continuous arm, bent into shape using a single flitched and laminated length of cherry or walnut. Its simplicity and strength ensure its lasting beauty for generations of use.

42H x 49W x 25L

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Symbolizing female empowerment, The Fearless Girl is best known for its installation in front of the New York Stock Exchange confronting the Charging Bull. This replica, created by Kristen Visbal, stands in front of the new Five Arts and Student center at St. Timothy’s.

“Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful.”

(1) Randy’s chair in The Dining Hall. (2) The entrance to Dixon Hall is graced by a custom Astral Bench. (3) Girls of diverse backgrounds from all around the globe come to St. Timothy’s to participate in their inquiry-based learning curriculum.
The Chapel at St. Timothy’s School outfitted with custom Thos. Moser altars, communion table and podium as well as Eastward Benches and Arm Chairs.
Randy in The Chapel.
Randy in the chapel.

Eastward Bench

A contemporary interpretation of a traditional Shaker design, the Eastward Bench speaks to the beauty of minimalism: everything in its form is essential – leaving only what’s functional to engender its beauty. The bench provides comfortable seating for up to three adults. Held in tension between the angular sculpted seat and crest, the round ash spindles provide a pleasing contrast and flexible give for supreme back support.

34H x 63W x 22L

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Randy at his desk.


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