Stacks of pieces of furniture.
Jared Scott Kay

Jared Scott Kay

New Product Design Engineer, 2015

As a kid from Maine, I heard about Moser furniture when I was young but really learned about Thos. Moser while studying Furniture Design & Woodworking in college. My sister gifted me a used copy of “How To Build Shaker Furniture,” and I was fortunate enough to tour the workshop. Let’s just say I was impressed, and after ten years of designing components for the Navy, I joined the Moser family.

I derive great satisfaction in seeing a piece I helped design come to life— from a sketch on paper to a finished, three-dimensional form. Designing a new piece of furniture from prototyping, engineering, and collaborating with our craftspeople to get a design just right showcases the great mix of talent, knowledge, and wisdom we have here in the shop.

“I love seeing our craftspeople and customers enjoy a new design as much as I do. It’s the absolute best!”