Astral Bench

In the late 1970s, Tom Moser spent some time in Denmark and fell in love with the tailored design and perfect proportions that were always characteristics of Danish furniture design. The Astral Bench falls squarely in this clean, structured school, shaping space with strict regularity and dramatic form. The Astral Bench is constructed of solid hardwood matchsticks joined in a solid, gently curving bench seat, which in turn seems to float in midair. The integrity of the entire bench relies on the careful placement of each element and masterful joinery techniques.

Please Note: The Astral Bench can be made in a number of diameters and lengths, and can be built in many Northern hardwoods. The Astral Bench requires some on-site assembly and requires special installation pricing (call or email for quote)

Pictured Dimensions:

180 degree arc – 32″H x 158.5″W x 81″D, 72″ radius

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