Showroom Manager Since 1998

What is your favorite piece of Thos. Moser furniture?

Right now it would have to be the Eastward Chair – my wife has wanted a set for a while and this summer I was finally able to make a pair in Walnut. They are just beautiful.

If ever you are considering a trip up to Maine, visiting Steve in our Freeport showroom should be added to your itinerary. Freeport is home to our flagship showroom where you can preview our largest selection of Moser designs. Over the years, Steve has built many lasting relationships with both local and visiting customers and he enjoys every experience he has interacting with showroom guests. “I love our designs and I love talking to people about our designs,” Steve explains, “it’s really interesting to be able to help a customer find a piece that fits their unique needs and the process of designing and sketching custom pieces is really exciting.”

Steve found his way to Thos. Moser after developing an interest in woodworking. He graduated from George Washington University in Washington, DC where he studied International Affairs and Defense Analysis. Following that, he worked for several years writing columns for the Washington Post. He and his wife eventually made their way back to Maine. It was then that Steve began delving deeper into working and becoming familiar with the Thos. Moser brand. After growing tired of teaching woodworking at a local vocational school, he applied for a position in our showroom.

Since joining our team, Steve has also become a notable contributor to our Customer in Residence program. As the Program Coordinator, he ensures that every guest who makes the trip to our workshop receives the experience they were expecting. “I really enjoy getting to know some of our customers, they come from such diverse backgrounds and many of them have been everywhere and seen some of the finest places in the world,” he explains. For him, knowing that their experience as a Customer in Residence will be among their greatest memories speaks volumes about the success of the program.