Stacks of pieces of furniture.

Ramsy Uter

Craftsman Since 2007

What is your favorite piece of Thos. Moser furniture?

It is hard to pick just one; they are all a favorite for me. Dr. White’s Chest because of the secret compartment and all of the potential it has.

What do you love most about working at Thos. Moser?

I love how the furniture is being built; when I build something I know and I trust that it is built to last for generation after generation.

For Ramsy Uter, every day is a good one. His optimistic attitude and love of quality craft allow him to feel as though he never truly has a day of “work”. Ramsy specializes in Case Assembly, but has been cross-functionally trained to work in many different areas including beds, tables, and finishing.

When Ramsy sees a customer’s positive reaction to something that he has built, it fuels his commitment to the craft. He explains, “I build every piece with the same amount of love. When I put my name on a piece, I don’t hold back on any detail. Knowing that the customer is happy with their piece makes it worth the effort.”
Ramsy began woodworking for his brother at the age of 9, where his focus was on hand sanding and custom carving. He is a master woodcarver and recently had the opportunity to showcase his carving talents working on a wooden interpretation of a carousel horse, collaborating with Tom Moser. “When you build a piece of custom furniture, you become a part of that customer’s life because you gave them something that you made with your hands,” he says.

He believes that love, laughter and happiness are fundamental. From raising his kids to cooking a family meal, to coming to work each day he always keeps these ideals in mind. If ever you are to cross his path, his uplifting attitude would without a doubt make your day.