Stacks of pieces of furniture.

Ian Trundy

Craftsman Since 2014

What is your favorite piece of Thos. Moser furniture?

I really like the Cumberland Collection.

Ian found his way to Thos. Moser after earning a degree in Carpentry and working in the industry for several years. He developed a love for wood working at a young age after working alongside his grandfather in his shop. Now, working as our Tables Coordinator, he is able to further develop his woodworking skills every day.

His favorite part about working at Thos. Moser is the Customer in Residence program because he loves to teach the subject of wood working. He also really enjoys working on custom projects because it gives him the opportunity to think outside of the box and experiment with new solutions and different types of joinery.

Outside of work, Ian enjoys exploring additional ways to work with wood on his own time. His interests range from crafting his own designs, to building a guitar, or trying his hand at Swedish spoon carving. He also enjoys traveling and spending time in nature hiking, fishing, and hunting.