Stacks of pieces of furniture.

Christine Bedard

Craftsman Since 2007

What is your favorite Thos. Moser product?

The Windward Sideboard is my favorite product, they are just beautiful.

Christine loves to refurbish old furniture and give it a second life. She looks at antique stores and yard sales to find old pieces that she can bring back to life. It was her love of this type of project that brought her to Thos. Moser.

As one of our expert finishers, Christine loves the challenge of working with different wood species and applying her learned techniques to get the result that a customer wants. “There is more to finishing than people can see,” she says, “it takes a certain level of skill and not all techniques work on all products, we do a lot of analyzing.”

Christine loves that she is able to work with a group of people that are genuinely like family. “We are all very close, so no matter what is going on, people are always there to support you,” she says, “we try to laugh a lot; it helps you get through the day.”